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Law Enforcement Officers Family Assistance Network (LEOFAN) is a 100% volunteer based non profit that was created to assist families of law enforcement officers that have suffered a loss or tragedy.We help with the “little” things that become a ”big” deal when a family isn’t fully functioning how it’s accustomed to. Those “little” things include services like housecleaning, yard care, and food preparation. Our mission started on Facebook on March 3, 2010 after a fatal police shooting that took the lives of two amazing officers in the Central Valley. We knew we needed a place for friends and family to connect with other local law enforcement families. We soon started to notice a need for services that weren’t the normal “big picture” or financial aid. We began talking to a CPA at Moore Grider who helped us get started with a tax ID number and helped us fill out the paper work to become a “real” nonprofit organization. LEOFAN was officially recognized by the State of California and by the Federal Internal Revenue Service on February 18, 2011. We continue to grow and help law enforcement families throughout the Central Valley and hope one day to reach beyond California into the entire United States.


 Now, lets hear from our Founder:

My name is Crystal Long and I am a LEO wife and mother of 2. My vision for LEOFAN has evolved from “just a Facebook page” to “what else are we capable of?”. When my friend Jacqui helped me take LEOFAN from social media and bring it into “the real world”, we thought it was strange that this thing was born from seeing others in need and hadn’t needed assistance ourselves. Well, we spoke too soon because not long after that my husband had developed cancer (he beat it and is fine now). For what seemed like an eternity our world was flipped upside down. Our volunteers came to the rescue and helped keep our yard from taking over our entire house, kept my house from becoming a complete mess, and helped put hot food in my stomach since I took care of everyone else in my house except me. I never realized how hard it is to take care of yourself when you have so much stress and two little people who still depend on you. My family being all on the East Coast and most back home in Indiana, I don’t know how I would’ve made it without my friends and my husband’s family here in Fresno. Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about my professional experience, too. Well, here goes… I have worked in a professional bakery as a cake designer, I taught preschool, and I worked at a car dealership as a receptionist, then title clerk, then accounts payable/receivable, then in sales. I currently stay home which started out as my choice, but now that my kids are in school I think I’ll begin looking for a day job. After all, LEOFAN doesn’t pay much (hahaha).




Photos by Celebrations Photography by Susan

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